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      The chemistry, or perhaps the alchemy, engendered by the original fifth member that seemed to work well with the original line-up was lacking from subsequent ones.

    In short, in the months following the release of the single, there was no magic to being in the band and doing live gigs was becoming a chore.

    Paul the drummer began failing to turn up for gigs, most notoriously at one which the Funboy Five were due to headline over a pre-Fish version of Marillion.

    A singer, Karen, was recruited to allow Mick to concentrate on playing guitar. The most enjoyable gig from this time was at the bass player’s school, though the fun that was had was largely due to valium.

    More interested in writing and recording songs than in continuing with the band, Mick left in the summer of 1980 and developed a number of studio-based projects, such as Milkshake Melon, Great Disasters That Shook the World & Marion, and Das Boomerang , as well as the music-related journalism that would soon become a full-time occupation.

    With just one original member remaining and without a drummer, the Funboy Five survived long enough to appear at a party for a friend of Karen’s and create some t-shirts until finally folding...


    ... perhaps only the fifth member, the eternal mystery, would ever have suspected that into the 21st century the group would continue to gain a following, or that during August 2014 the Funboy Five would issue a new vinyl single, and in the following year relase yet another new single just as the Italian label Ave Phoenix issued a restrospective vinyl album.


    A a special retro treat, below is a free ticket to see the Funboy Five (or 'Fun Boy Five') at the 'rocknight' upstairs at the well-known London jazz club, Ronnie Scotts. Cut this out and turn up. How you get to 1980 is your own affair. Strictly no refunds! See you there...


    free ticket to see the funboy five at ronnie scotts






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