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    funboy five

    behind the legend

      With a specific agenda but much less a musical style, the Funboy Five formed in January 1979 in Hemel Hempstead, England.

    To this day, nobody has been able to adequately describe in words, sounds or even in mime, what the agenda or the much less a musical style actually were.

    Mystery and enigma were key components of the group’s identity. It was always intended that this would be the case.

    The group, however, did have people in it; originally, there were four:

    Mick Sinclair:

    guitar, vocal, trumpet.

    John McRae:



    (surname unrevealed but once given as) 'Radhall':


    Bob Brimson:


    At the heart of the group was the mysterious ‘fifth’ member suggested by the name. In their first photo, a space was indeed left for the mysterious fifth member


    the funboy five in a field in 1979




    The John Peel Session


    Early Recordings


    The Life After Death Single (1980)


    Recent singles (2014 to 2016)


    The Label


    Last Days and the 21st Century Revival


    Before and After


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