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The 2014 vinyl single

'Save The World'/What Did You Do With The Body?'

The revived Funboy Five released their first vinyl single in 34 years during August 2014. In a limited edition of 500 copies and in a sleeve featuring a possibly green sky (depending on one's level of colour vision), the new single costs  only 5.50 including postage to addresses in the UK with payment in British pounds, or $15 including postage to the US or Canada with a US dollar payment.

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All six Funboy Five singles,


the vigorously anti-capitalist but with a delightfully catchy chorus of 2016's

'Vipers Of The Commonwealth'

2015's defiantly non-vinyl yet utterly compelling

'Radio Free Asia'

and  the instrumental-with-vocal tributes to renowned characters of Hemel Hempstead:




are available from Bandcamp as a digital downloads.


the front of Save The World

back cover of Save The World

Funboy Five:Radio Free Asia

Funboy Five: Ramptonesque


Funboy Five:Kermitose

Funboy Five: Vipers Of The Commonwealth


Landmarks, Ruins and Memories

The long-awaited vinyl album that gathers together the Funboy's Five's earliest recordings,   and those of Milkshake Melon, in re-mastered form (the church organ during the verses of 'Life After Death' is now particularly uplifting). The album is released on, and sold by,  the Italian label Ave Phoenix and can be purchased from outlets that include Bandcamp and Discogs.

Funboy Five: Landmarks, Ruins and Memories


Meanwhile Back in the Attic

Believe it or not, the 'Life After Death'/'Compulsive Eater' single, never sold out of its initial pressing so we still have copies for sale and they are in unplayed, mint condition, unlike the battered secondhand copies being sold on ebay. Even better, a copy can be yours for just 40 including postage if you wish to pay with British pounds, or $60 including postage if you prefer US dollars.

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As noted above, all Funboy Five singles are available as digital downloads.

the yellow sleeve

the pink sleeve






The John Peel Session


Early Recordings


The Life After Death Single (1980)


Recent singles (2014 to 2016)


The Label


Last Days and the 21st Century Revival


Before and After


Funboy Five at Last FM


Funboy Five digital downloads at bandcamp


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